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Black Giraffe


Black Giraffe is a rock n’ soul band of proudly nerdy awkward people. Andy Ayers was always a fan of the one guy dancing like no one’s watching in a crowd full of self-conscious people seemingly trapped in the tiny town from footloose. Black Giraffe was formed with the goal of turning everyone in the crowd into Kevin Bacon by mixing Soul, R&B, rock, afrobeat, and any rhythm that moves people with an experimental pop palette.

“Single by single, we’ve followed along as Andy and Don Ayers, the brothers behind Black Giraffe, developed their sound. After a year of intermittent shows and recording sessions, they’re ready to release their debut—and it’s worth the wait. Drunk Tank Pink fills a void in Seattle’s crowded music scene: slick rock ’n’ soul with equal parts groove and intellect, ambition and ability, landing somewhere between the Foster the People and the Black Keys. More than most young bands in town, these guys are ready for prime time.”

City Arts, March...

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