Ben Benavente

Ben Benavente

San Diego

Hello and thank you for viewing my page. I specialize in Hawaiian/Island style music from Fiji to Ka'au Crater Boys, Jack Johnson, Bruno Mars and Jason Mraz. A softer reggae most would say. I create entire songs on the fly by looping and recording live. I start off by recording the drums then piano, bass guitar and then singing and playing ukulele live. Hope you like my videos and have a great day. See you soon!

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Gigtown Pro  March 09 2023

Ben is always a pleasure to have!

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Gigtown Pro  April 05 2021

Ben played our members only event and he had the perfect blend of songs and instrumentation. The live looping is impressive as well!

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Gigtown Pro  September 27 2020

Solid vibes!

Janine Mackie, Cmp  June 27 2019

Hired Ben for a corporate VIP event hosted at Roy's Hawaiian on the SD Bay. He was the perfect choice, loved his music style and vibe. He was a pleasure to work with before, during and after the event. He would be great in any setting!

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Steve Altman  October 28 2018

Hired Ben for our daughter’s wedding ceremony. He was amazing. Our guests loved him.