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San Diego

A very experience and well traveled banjo and vocalist with an intricate and refined delicacy. Smooth vocals, beautiful original songs and some nice traditional mountain music provide a real treat for listeners. Originally from the prestine lakes and streams in Wisconsin, and now in beautiful southern California.

Kelly Wilson  March 22 2018

Banjo Kyle is awesome! He’s a great solo artist as well as in a band. He’s very creative and his improvisational skills are very impressive

Alex Shester  March 02 2018

As a musician and banjo player, I went on a lark to a solo concert of Kyle's and was blown away. He has a unique style of playing that cannot be well-characterized but with elements of Americana, old-time, bluegrass, blues, and classical music riffs. He has a superb voice and great selection of songs and arrangements and can hold himself well as a solo artist. I highly recommend you catch his act at one of the numerous venues he plays before he gets too famous. Definitely a creative soul man. Alex Shester (Doc Bones)

Shelley Anthony  March 02 2018

Love those songs.

D Lux Elleven  March 02 2018

Banjo Kyle sings with raw soul. He makes you feel a deep longing to travel and experience life. His songs have depth and a very clear sincerity to them. A true artis

Lisa De Bruzzi  March 02 2018

Banjo Kyle is a fun, creative and reliable musician. He plays covers and original songs and is sure to entertain the crowd!