Song Remains The Same (Led Zeppelin Tribute Band)
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Song Remains The Same (Led Zeppelin Tribute Band)


Song Remains the Same formed in 2012 in Phoenix, Arizona as a tribute to the music of Led Zeppelin. What separates them from other Led Zeppelin tribute bands is the extent of their catalog, and that, unlike other Led Zeppelin tributes or even Led Zeppelin themselves, they are a five-piece, allowing them to more accurately reproduce the many layers of harmony in the music that the fans have come to know. With Anthony Bianchi’s passionate bluesy vocals, Nick Sterling’s multi-facted musical genius, Fil Lopez’s note-for-note duplication of John Bonham’s live performance, Harrison Walter’s ability to emulate Jimmy Page, and Nick Marshall’s solid bass rhythm, Song Remains the Same transports the audience back in time.
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