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Los Angeles

LA native and founder of ARIADA, Lesleigh Arratia, is an American musician, singer-songwriter, and pianist living in Los Angeles. With similar vocal stylings of artists like Jeff Buckley, Etta James and Kimbra, Lesleigh has been accredited for her expressiveness, technical abilities and powerful presence on stage. She has studied most genres ranging from Classical to Rock to Jazz and possess a large catalogue of both originals and covers. Having opened for various local and national acts, Lesleigh has extensive experience performing in both intimate and large audiences.


"[Lesleigh] Arratia has range. She can get down low, her soulful voice a gritty rumble, or take things up to a piercing scream without a moment's hesitation" - Jim Ryan, Chicago Now -

"Led by LA native Lesleigh Arrattia, the band drips with earned confidence." - Josh Terzino, Music-Defined -

The vocals of Arratia are beyond her years and can be compared to rock...

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