Amelia Browning Quartet

San Diego

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Play Song Cups (When I'm Gone) live recording
Play Song 1000 Years
Play Song SOS (Rihanna cover) - 2013 demo recording
Play Song The Old Country - recorded live at the US Grant Grill
Play Song Rolling In the Deep

We are a live jazz quartet available for local gigs, private parties, weddings, events, and more. We feature a unique repertoire comprised of not only jazz and Latin standards, but also contemporary popular songs by artists, such as Adele, Rihanna, Beyonce, and more, arranged in a jazz format. By incorporating jazz interpretations of popular music, this group sets itself apart in a way that makes jazz accessible to a vast new audience, while honoring the innovation that defines the genre.

The group is available in a quartet configuration, and can also offer the addition of horn players, guitarists, etc. upon request for larger events or offer a smaller group size such a trio or duo for smaller events, based on your needs and budget.


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