Alec Sullivan

Alec Sullivan

Los Angeles

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Play Song Sorry
Play Song I Put A Spell On You
Play Song Drunken Tom (Acoustic Demo)
Play Song How'd They Do That (Hallelujah Parody)

As a New England-born songwriter, Alec has honed his craft of illuminated musical storytelling. Whether his hands are on an acoustic guitar or a piano, his unique voice dances atop the melody, producing a comfortable blend of rock, pop, folk, and metal. From the light-hearted, comedic stylings of "The Vacuum Upstairs," to the softly emotional lullaby of "Little Girl," rounded out with the hauntingly disturbing musings of "Shallow Grave Road," Alec has an ability to inject various impassioned emotions into each song and performance. With influences ranging from Elton John and CCR, to Judas Priest and Pantera, he emits a voice that shatters windows to glass splinters while softly petting newborn kittens. The only thing as extensive as Alec's vocal range is his versatility, showing itself in a plethora of juxtaposing sounds and feelings brought fourth from the young man's mind.

Gigs consist of covers and/or originals on acoustic guitar and/or piano.


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