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Safety Orange

San Diego

A product of the Californian sunshine, Beach Rock band Safety Orange have been proudly jamming across the US since ‘96. Founded through a love for surfing and good music, their laid-back, reggae-tinged approach to rock has seen them record three studio albums, spread their sound across the country, and broadcast good vibes to listeners around the globe.

Founded in San Diego, California by surfing buddies Harry Elmore and Sol Turpin. Over the years, Safety Orange have gone on to craft out a sound truly unique to themselves – strong on the downbeat, soulfully uplifting and wrapped up in reggae-rock tones that intertwine with lashings of punk, ska, and Latin music.

Like most great stories, the one of Safety Orange was birthed by chance. After a surf session, Sol was promptly asked to step in on bass by co-founder Harry. It wasn’t long before the duo played at a friend's house party, where they proceeded to tear the roof off and alter the very course of their musical lives. Since...

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