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WildWood Crossing
Folk/Americana, Rock, Blues
Saturday, September 28th @ 8:00pm
9/28 @ 8:00PM
Authentically performing the music of The GRATEFUL DEAD. Easy Wind is a Super Group of long time musicians that include: Marty Holland from Melvin Seals and JGB on Bass, Frank Lazzaro from The Travel Agents on Drums, Mark Bentley from the Shenanigans on Keyboard and vocals, Larry Flynn from Liquid Dead on lead guitar, and Patrick Brown from Super G on rhythm guitar and vocals. What started as an impulsive vision with modest intentions in late 2015 by founder and guitarist/vocalist Patrick Brown has quickly become a steam locomotive rollin' down the track for the deadhead faithful. The word is out! This band takes you on a sonic journey with the vibe and feel of classic era Grateful Dead. The bus came by... It's time to get on and experience Easy Wind.

Venue Details

WildWood Crossing Location
116 Civic Center Dr, Vista, CA