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Aaron Markland @ Museum of Making Music
Pop, Rock, Reggae/Island
Friday, October 7th @ 6:00pm
10/7 @ 6:00PM
Seawall Prophet // Aaron Markland is an Award-Winning Musician, Published Songwriter, Pacific Records Recording Artist, USAF Veteran, retired Albuquerque Firefighter, and self-proclaimed Soul Surfer born and raised in San Diego, California [Ocean Beach]. Aaron has 5 full-length albums to date with a vast catalogue of original and cover songs spanning a variety of styles including Beach Rock, Cali-Pop, Funk, Punk, Reggae, Soul, Blues, and Acoustic Roots. March 18th, 2022, Wabasa Records released "Tide Break", a DUB reggae remix produced by Sol Turpin of Safety Orange. July 19th, 2022, Aaron signed with Pacific Records and now performs and records under the name “Seawall Prophet”. Discography: 1998: Soylent Green “It’s People!” [Ricky Recorder Studio] 2004: Aaron Markland “Rewind” [Treefort Studios] 2014: Markland “MARKLAND” [Cabeza Records] 2016: Aaron Markland “Tide Break” [Wall of Sound] 2018: Self Contained “Depravity” [Wall of Sound] 2022: Aaron Markland “Tide Break (Wabasa Records Mix)” [Single] 2022: Seawall Prophet “Hundred Dollar Boulevard” [Pacific Records] [Single] Awards: 2019: Best Rock Album [New Mexico Music Awards] 2017: Nominated Best Pop Album, Best Reggae Song, and Best Modern Rock Song [New Mexico Music Awards] 2017: Glory in the Desert Winner [New Mexico Battle of the Bands] Films: 2016: “Adventures of Miss Fit” [Starring Denise Masino, Directed by Gregg Simpson] 2012: “Wonderland” [Directed by Noah Tafolla]

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Museum of Making Music Location
5790 Armada Dr, Carlsbad, CA