Victoria Vox

Costa Mesa

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Play Song 03 - You're No Island
Play Song 07 Remember the Music

Victoria Vox is a one-woman show: ukulele, looping pedals, harmonies, mouth trumpet, and uke bass. She's known for charming the audience with stories and her heartfelt songs, which are upbeat and moving. Vox is known for her use of the ukulele, singing in French, and for her use of the jazz-era vocal technique: the mouth-trumpet. She's appeared on the front page of the Wall Street Journal and on the Jay Leno Show for this odd talent! Victoria Vox is family friendly and can appeal to a large audience demographic.

Vox is no stranger to taking the stage solo, however, she also loves to collaborate with other musicians and can easily show up as a duo or trio.

GigTown User  February 21 2018

Lovely sound and great video!!!