Oskar & Julia

Salt Lake City

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Play Song Nowhere
Play Song Whatcha Gonna Do Now (Master2)
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Play Song Between Us (Master2)
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Oskar & Julia are a husband & wife duo from Salt Lake City, Utah. In performance, this dynamic duo is a saucy, acoustic experience with harmonies reminiscent of how good music used to be.

Troy Jolley  March 30 2018

We love Oskar & Julia. Their music is so refreshing with a unique sound that is instantly recognizable!

Sofia Torres  March 30 2018

I just love it

Juan Cifuentes  March 30 2018

Very good music! very talented duo! Showed their music to my wife who likes the oldies type of feel and she couldn't get enough!

GigTown User  March 22 2018

These two have phenomenal voices and harmonize so well together. I've always loved male+female duos and Oskar and Julia are some of the best. Just waiting for them to be discovered so I can hear them on the radio one day.

Samuel Horner  March 21 2018

I play and travel all over the world, but just a year ago I was loading my car at Helper Arts Festival in Utah and heard a band playing as I walked backstage. Loved the sound and managed to catch their last few songs. Seriously, some of the best acoustic music I have heard in years. I even got in line to buy their album and listened to it non stop for the rest of our USA tour. Great songs, great harmonies, easy on the eye, and great performers. You should hire them...now....do it.