Mike McGill

Mike McGill

San Diego

North County San Diego's hidden gem for acoustic entertainment.

Mike is an acoustic entertainer and singer/songwriter (ASCAP). You can listen to his original music on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music, YouTube, etc. However, he is mostly known for taking cover songs he loves and making them his own. His live performances consist mainly of cover songs from artists as far back as the 40s, all the way up to current artists.

His sound has been compared to Jack Johnson, Jason Mraz, Ed Sheeran, Jimmy Buffett, and Paul Simon. A surf folk pop rock blend, sure to put a laid back smile on your face.

Having fun is key to MIke, and there is no denying how much he has when performing live.

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Gigtown Pro  June 15 2021

Nice laid back vibe!

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Zane Mumford  December 11 2017

Great singer!

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Gigtown Pro  August 07 2023
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Gigtown Pro  February 21 2023
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Gigtown Pro  February 07 2023

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