Mike McGill

San Diego

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Ignite bistro & wine spot
Sun 10/29 @ 11:30AM PDT
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Born and raised in Connecticut before settling in San Diego, California in 1998. Began teaching himself how to play guitar and writing music in the mid 90's to pass the time while traveling throughout the US as a Computer Programmer/Analyst - Consultant.

After settling on the West Coast, started performing at local coffee houses and open mics a few times a month beginning in August, 2005. Now performing between 4 - 6 times a month all over San Diego county.

His trademark is smooth vocals of fun original tunes, including popular covers from a variety of artists spanning over 6 decades.

Let's just say a little surf / meets folk / meets rock / meets pop.

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GigTown Venue  August 29 2017
Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  August 07 2017