Los Curanderos

San Diego

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Play Song LC Conchambique
Play Song Comparsa China

These Rumberos playing multiple conga parts while singing is what brought Los Curanderos together. Live Latin drumming band performing all over the California bay, these devoted musicians are the strongest link in their bands. And yet have the time to give themselves a log session of Latin American grooves from all over the caribbean. Deriving from southern California, Los Curanderos are playing with the highest quality musicians in the Latin scene. Projecting their cowbells, Shakers, flutes and congas with split up ostinato and poly rhythm patterns fused with African, Spanish, English, French and Aztec/Mayan flavor has never failed their audience. Giving them the front end of a cultural melting pot of the fullest and most diverse drumming circles and Rumbas in all of the world.


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