Kathryn Cloward Band

San Diego

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Play Song Phoenix Rising (Kathryn Cloward original)
Play Song Free to Fly (Kathryn Cloward original)
Play Song Only One Dreaming (Kathryn Cloward original)

Kathryn Cloward Band is passionate about creating and sharing music with positive and empowering messages for people of all ages to enjoy. Entertaining audiences with their magnetic and upbeat Americana Indie-Rock sound blended with Kathryn’s award-winning authentic and resonate lyrical storytelling, Kathryn Cloward Band is on a mission to ripple love and compassion throughout the world one song at a time.

Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  September 10 2017
Verified Booking
GigTown Venue  July 05 2017