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Joe Con

Los Angeles

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Hi Everybody!

My name is Joe Con and I'm a multi-genre singer-songwriter originally from central Kentucky. I have lived, worked and performed in Los Angeles since 2008 and previously spent many years in the SF Bay Area as an MC in the underground hip-hop scene. Because of my unique stylistic background, I am equally comfortable performing in an intimate acoustic setting with just my guitar and harmonicas or in front of a large crowd either fronting my awesome band or rapping with a DJ. Don't be fooled though-- yes, I get compared to amazing acts like G. Love and Jack Johnson (which is extremely flattering since I'm big fans of both), but that's only one side of the story. I'm also a bluesman and a bit of a musical renaissance man. I love Jack White, The Black Keys and tons of old blues and classic rock from Hendrix and Howling Wolf to Dylan and The Dead. But if you want to see a white boy who can spit some of the dopest rhymes you've ever heard, trust me, I am that guy. In fact,...

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