Gabriel Valentin

San Diego
Acoustic Guitar

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Play Song I'll Be Good To You
Play Song I'll Be Good To You
Play Song I'll Be Good To You

My name is Gabriel Valentin and when it comes to comics, music and video games, I am a hopeless romantic. I’m talking rose petals on the bed, champagne in the ice bucket and of course a little bit of mood lighting before I stock up on potions and head into the next dungeon. My deepest passions have forever been music and storytelling. I’ve spent over a decade touring, working with writers and assisting music producers in their recording sessions. In 2014 I decided to unite my loves of music and storytelling together, to create the live art show known as Digital Lizards Of Doom. It has and always will be a love letter to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. At every D.L.O.D. performance we feature silly songs that build upon the world of the two main characters, a heroic lizard named Dizzy Doom and an evil robot named Commander E.K.O. Within the first year of D.L.O.D.’s conception, I had completed three national tours, was showcased on six different cable networks, secured a record deal with...

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