Danny Gali

San Diego

Upcoming Shows

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Sun 6/4 @ 11:00AM PDT
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Tue 6/6 @ 6:00PM PDT
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Sat 6/10 @ 6:00PM PDT
Song play light Blue Skies
Song play light Dont Pinch Me
Song play light A Big Blue Sky
Song play light Just Another Day

Danny's wide and versatile vocal range allows him to easily cover more than 250 songs on his set list as well as his original songs. A multi-instrumentalist, his musical tastes encompass a wide variety of genre, and his writing style is versatile, passionate and entertaining.

Danny entered the music scene in the Dallas area back in the 80’s and has been entertaining audiences since. He has performed in numerous venues around the country as a solo artist and with various bands and projects. Since recently relocating to San Diego area he is continuing to pursue his passion here.

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GigTown Venue  October 08 2016