Christina LaRocca & Gene Micofsky

Los Angeles
Acoustic Guitar
Electric Guitar

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Play Song A Man Like You - Christina LaRocca
Play Song Bad Ways - Gene Micofsky
Play Song Child of the Sun - Christina LaRocca
Play Song Fist for a Hammer - Gene Micofsky
Play Song Whiskey Dreams - Christina LaRocca

Los Angeles-based duo, Christina LaRocca & Gene Micofsky, are bringing their soulful, Americana-tinged rock show on the road. In 2019, the duo successfully toured the USA, Europe and the UK playing over 200 shows together.

The songwriters are originally from the northeast of the US, Gene being from Philadelphia, and Christina from New York City. Gene was already living in LA when Christina decide to make the move in 2014, and when she did, she was looking for a new guitarist. A mutual friend of theirs from Philly made the connection and they have been making music and performing hundreds of events since.

Both artists have released individual full-length albums in the past year, as well as performed on each other’s records - Gene’s cinematic self- produced debut, Amusia (2018), and Christina’s genre-bending, soulful catharsis, These are my Whiskey Dreams (2019). The albums tell their stories of the journeys they have made that led them to where they are today. At their show,...

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