Cheyenne Benton

San Diego

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Play Song Drops Of Jupiter (Train Cover)
Play Song One Hundred Sleepless Nights (Pierce the Veil Cover)
Play Song All You Had To Do Was Stay (Taylor Swift Cover)

Charming, unique, elegant, classic -
all adjectives used to describe Cheyenne and her incredible knack for songwriting.
Born and raised in the Golden State, Cheyenne Benton is a 17-year-old San Diegan who really, really loves music. Her affinity began at a young age with impromptu melodies narrating her every day life which she would belt [loudly] throughout her home, driving her poor mother mad. In addition to these early ballads, she also expressed a keen interest in instruments, demonstrated by her many make-shift tupperware drum sets, as well as her lengthy and zealous drum recitals.

At the age of 8, her father taught her how to play the ukulele, followed by the acoustic guitar, which fed her growing desire to create and perform music. By age 14, she was not only writing songs, but performing in front of any crowd she could get her hands on - in talent shows, musicals, coffee shops, even on the sidewalks of Grand Avenue in downtown Escondido.

With a plethora of original...

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